Yoga & Meditation

At the end of the day, you’re the only one responsible for the way your life turns out.

You’re the only person living inside your mind, choosing to place your attention into certain things over others. We keep waiting for someone to show us the way out of our insecurities, to drag us out of our slump, to convince us that we’re worth the effort. So much of our lives is just waiting for something or someone else to bring about our fulfillment and peace of mind.

Meanwhile, all the answers to our questions lie just beneath the surface of our habitually busy minds, and habitually busy bodies. All that wisdom just waiting for you to slow down and listen.

Ready to kick ass in 2018? Let us help.

Here’s our latest Spring/Summer Yoga Schedule.

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All classes are currently held in Kastel Kambelovac.

Instruction is in English, and the prices are as follows:

Drop-in ~ 40 kunas
Monthly pass (4 weeks) ~ 200 kunas (2x/week)

Wear comfy clothes, bring a reusable water bottle and a mat (if you have one).

For more information, please call/text Shannon at +385 99 508 2805 or send us an email at


If you’re looking for private yoga lessons, corporate classes, workshops, etc.
~ we’re always open to ideas & collaborations!

Let us know what is on your mind.


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