Revising New Year’s Resolutions.

Happy New Year!!

We hope you’ve made the transition in one piece, and I bet we all left 2017 with a sigh of relief.

Every year, around this time people all over the world are busy making new intentions for the upcoming year. Most of these resolutions will focus on “doing” certain things ~ exercising more, eating better, spending more time with family, etc.

Take a look at your resolutions, does that seem right?








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The underlying assumption is that once we DO those certain things, we’ll BE or FEEL better ~ there’s a hope that we’d finally achieve that sense of contentment and productivity through our actions. Ante and I are living our lives at a constant gallop, and admittedly, we often get too caught up in “doing” more.

But ultimately, all of humanity’s resolutions come down to our desire to FEEL a certain way (happy, relaxed, fulfilled, passionate, connected, etc.) ~ so why the roundabout approach?

Why don’t we set our resolutions around the way we’d like to BE?

The way we’d like to FEEL?

Wouldn’t that be the faster, easier way of getting there?

There’s definitely no need to abandon our productive motivations ~ they’re necessary. But imagine how much easier you can create from a place of passion, rather than obligation? How much nicer it would feel to do your chores while feeling light-hearted, rather than burdened?


When you focus on the way you want to feel, the quality of what you do becomes better. Your actions no longer define you or deplete you, but rather serve your desired state of being. Doesn’t that just feel like an easier way to get stuff done?

You’re so much more than your productivity. Your happiness matters. Your fulfillment matters. Your peace of mind matters. Your giggles are just as important as your to-do lists. Your laughter and light-heartedness are needed more in the world than your worry. ♥️

In a world that constantly demands our attention, we often give it to ourselves last. I hope that this year, you find a way to take care of you first ~ and only then send out your ripple out into the world.