Tango Meditation 42 – Touch and Sound

Join the fiery couple, Jasna and Ivan on their exploration of the Senses of Tango.  The dance is so much more than the physical movements, and those brilliant dancers are here to show you how to involve so much more of yourself in this beautiful art form.

At this particular workshop we will be exploring the open and closed embrace, and seeing how your experience of the dance changes based on the combination & use of the two types of embrace.  We will be dancing barefoot tango, strengthening the connection to the floor.

This workshop is open to people of all ages and abilities, and will be an empowering exploration for anyone with or without previous dance experience. Come as you are, and you’ll be led through series of exercises to see this other dimension of what Tango has to offer.

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For more information about the power couple leading this workshop, check out their website and facebook page:



PLEASE NOTE that all of our events have a minimum and a maximum capacity to make sure that we keep the groups intimate enough to learn & share freely. With that in mind, we ask that you please sign up in advance and reserve your spot. Tickets will not be sold on location.