RY @ Eco Camp!

We get by with a little help
from our friends.

Building a whole Eco Camp by ourselves is a wildly ambition goal.

Luckily, doing what we love led us to some of the most incredible people in the world. A huge chunk of them came to us through our collaboration with Remote Year ~ an incredible collective that takes travel to a much deeper, more meaningful level.

We’re still fairly new to the game, and a lot of what we’ve done so far has been a leap of faith into the unknown. Transforming 4,000 square meters of land is no easy task, but it’s been made that much more fun & hilarious by these absolutely wild, free, and simply awesome people.

lunch group

Last year was all about testing out our ideas ~ with Remote Year alone we’ve ran over 20 various events and workshops. It feels like we learned millions of new things through millions of new experiences, and we can’t wait to share it all with you!

Eventually we’ll catch up and post about all of our exchanges & what we’ve learned in the process. Meanwhile, we’d still LOVE to give you a taste of what these events looked like.

Here’s a gallery of our previous events, and a blog roll of our adventures will follow below.

Frankly, we’re still trying to find a balance of work on the land, community involvement, and social media presence (not to mention paying the bills, dealing with bureaucracy, keeping ourselves inspired, and living our own social & family lives).

Now we just have to wrap our minds around creating a continuous narrative of this wild adventure.

Please give us some time while we figure it out.
Meanwhile, you can follow along on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Let us know what is on your mind.


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