How we met.

You may have already read about who we are, but did we tell you how we met?
When I tell people that I’m a Canadian living in Croatia, they always want to know how I ended up here.

The short answer is: I fell in love.
The long answer is: fate and… a big toe?

Before I even knew where it is, I had several months of people “randomly” telling me to go to Croatia. I’d see massive posters on campus, literally saying “GO TO CROATIA”. I’d have people that I hadn’t talked to in YEARS contact me, telling me I should go to Croatia.

Long story short, I listened to the signs and came here.

No idea why, no idea what I’d find. The pivotal point was a walking tour I did in Split ~ we stopped at the statue of Grgur Ninski. You can learn about his historical and cultural significance here.

grgur ninski split croatia

The tour guide says he’s rumored to have this magical, wish-granting toe. And as he says that, the skeptic in me rolls her eyes. Nevertheless, we’ve all lined up for the standard “toe-touching picture”, and as I came up to it, I figured I might as well make a wish.

Until that time, I had been many things in my life ~ but I’d never been truly happy.
So while holding the toe, I made the decision that I was ready to be happy.

At the time, I thought me being “happy” would look something like getting a graduate degree in anthropology, spending a year in Asia, maybe teaching at a university one day.

But the next day, I met my husband. And I was pissed. At the time, I thought I’d never like to settle down in one place, let alone ever getting married or thinking of having a family one day.

Yet, since I’ve met this guy, it’s been a steady, vibrant, blooming path to being truly happy.

Ante Kamenjarin – ruining my romantic picture ideas since 2014.


So all in all, if you’re ever in Split and you touch Grgur Ninski’s toe ~ be careful what you wish for, eh?

Let us know what is on your mind.


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