Getting Creative

“Creativity is
intelligence having fun.” – Albert Einstein

If you’ve read a little about us, you know that we see creativity and involvement as the absolute remedy to boredom & human disconnect from themselves.

We genuinely think that creating something in a fun & meaningful environment adds so much strength to our own concept of ourselves. Seeing any internal state or emotion or thought expressed out in the world as a physical object really fuels our understanding of the ripples we create in the world.

Who you are matters. What you do matters.

We have an exceptional team of brilliant, talented people who can take you on an adventure & help you loosen up those creative instincts.

From making terrariums to weaving dreamcatchers, drawing mandalas, upcycling old furniture, and making art in all its forms – here’s a little playground for you to get creative.

Get creative with us

We’ve had a pretty radical summer of testing out our boundaries and dreaming wild. We’re taking the time to update our vision based on everything we’ve learned, and soon we’ll start planning for next year. You can keep an eye on our Facebook page and Instagram for what we’ve done and all the new events we’ll be opening up.

Meanwhile, do you have any other ideas for creative events?

Would you like to share a skill or a talent of your own?

Do you have a space that can be used for creative get-togethers?

Let us know what is on your mind.


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