Eco Camp

“If we surrendered to Earth’s intelligence
we could rise up rooted, like trees.” - Rainer Maria Rilke

Eco Camp is a branch of Inspired Croatia that aims to reconnect people with nature.

One day (hopefully Summer of 2019!), it will be an actual camp set in between lush olive trees in the majestic mountains of Kastela. It’ll be a place to get away from the concrete jungles we’re used to ~ a luscious haven where you can let your guard down, soften your boundaries, and sleep under the stars.

Read more about our vision for the Eco Camp here

eco camp olive trees

Photocred: Johnson Wang

Of course, there’s a lot we need to learn in order to bring our vision to life ~ we decided that it’s a perfect opportunity for us to engage our broader community and invite them to learn with us. Last year was all about testing out our ideas, and we’re so immensely lucky to have Remote Year as one of our biggest supporters.

Our Remote Year Exchanges have truly been some of the brightest highlights of our year.

From planting trees and veggies to making cherry liquor, building traditional Croatian dry stone walls, and exploring the ancient castles of Kastela ~ our Remote Tribe has really made all of last year’s discoveries fun & hilarious.

For a gallery of our exchanges & a blog of what we’ve learned, check out our RY page:

Remote Year at Eco Camp

As we continue to build our dream of sustainable living, there will be plenty more opportunities for learning and growth. Right now environmental awareness is paramount to ensure our collective future, and living a more sustainable life is easier than you might think! You can look forward to workshops on sustainable architecture, upcycling furniture, growing your own food, setting up solar panels, permaculture, composting, recycling, etc.

earth day tomato planting

Photocred: Johnson Wang

There’s also a lot of grunt work that goes into maintaining a chunk of land and building a camp ~ it’s not always a glamorous, instagram-able process. Yet we’re also trying to make that part of our experience public for those of you who’d love to create a little eco-getaway of your own.

For some of the work behind the scenes, check out our blog below.

We hope you’ll find something you can apply to your life & your household to live more sustainably.

Let us know what is on your mind.


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