Gettin’ Dirty & Planting Veggies

You may have seen some cute, dainty, pinterest-able veggie planting projects floating around the internet. You might look at those and have this romantic idea of getting your hands a little dirty, putting a few fragile little plants in some pots, and dotingly watching them grow.

Watching plants grow

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In reality, if you’re planting enough veggies to sustain a family (and feed groups of ridiculously awesome visitors), the process is anything but “cute” and “romantic”.

It involves shoveling poop and hauling buckets of compost:

…digging up dirt for hours:

digging dirt

digging earth

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…removing hundreds of rocks from the ground:

shoveling rocks  carrying compost & rocks

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…taking a break to assess your life choices:

assessing life choices

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…stopping every so often to check out dozens of tiny (and sometimes not so tiny) creatures that populate this rich, fertile land:

land worm

It’s not glamorous, but it makes you feel SO alive and connected!

Then the magical stuff starts – the actual planting process is always so satisfying: you’re setting life in motion, trying to anticipate its every need, handling it with gentleness and care.

planting veggies

planting veggies

planting tomatoes

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When the plants take and grow a few inches, it’s such a validating experience. YOU did that! You’re a wizard.

plants & veggies growing

vegetables growing in planters

And before you know it, nature takes over and gives it all a little boost:

vegetable planters

…then you get pumped and plant more stuff:

planting herbs & vegetables

….and then it all gets a bit outta hand:

vegetable planters

And then the REAL magic happens, and makes you giggle like a child seeing rain for the first time:

We’re still waiting for this year’s best part – EATING IT ALL. We’ll share photos of that whenever it happens, but I gotta warn you, it ain’t always this pretty:

There’s still a lot we don’t know – it’s all a work in progress, and we experiment a lot. But as you’ve seen, we’ve had dozens of brilliant, fun, passionate, and all-around rad people to help us out along the way.

We don’t nearly give them enough credit, but if you want to see snippets of some other things we’ve done with our kick-ass community, check out this page:

Did you happen to notice the evolution of our veggie planters and the surrounding areas? One day we’ll write about those too. We’re constantly building towards our vision, trying to balance sustainability, practicality, and visual appeal. It’s all hella time consuming, so we don’t have much time left for posting about it all.

We’ll work on getting better, meanwhile, keep an eye on our facebook & instagram pages for recent updates.

Much love & until soon,