Skeletons in the closet.

Over the weekend I cleaned out my closet. 30 pieces being donated, and another 18 “on probation”. I know that I’m not the only one who keeps a large chunk of my wardrobe for clothes that I’ll wear once my arms are more toned, or my belly’s less wobbly, or if I finally start going to fancier places, or if I find just the right kind of bottoms to wear with that shirt.

Why do we do that?

Isn’t it insane how much we go out of the way to make ourselves feel insufficient and inadequate? To constantly reside in the space of “I wish I was…” instead of “I am…”?

We literally PAY to be able to feel bad about ourselves a little more often.

Photo by Nigel Tadyanehondo on Unsplash

The craziest thing is, most of the time, we know that those things won’t fit us the moment we try them on. Yet, we still buy them hoping that we’ll be… someone, anyone else by the time we wear them?

Some of these things I’ve taken ACROSS CONTINENTS with me, some of them I’ve had for literally 6 years, putting them on from time to time just to remind myself that I still don’t feel or look as I want to.

Well, screw that. With the summer starting we’re often eager to go out and “treat ourselves” to a new outfit or two, and too many of us will be shopping for the person we wish we were.

Photo by Ali Marel on Unsplash

If any of this seems familiar to you, I implore you to please just be who you are. It’s hard enough to have acceptance and appreciation for ourselves without actively feeding our self-deprecating tendencies.

I guarantee you, a person who looks & feels comfortable in what they’re wearing will ALWAYS look shinier than the person feeling inadequate yet dressed to the nines. Happy people are always the most beautiful.

I’m giving myself till the end of June to go through my “probation” pile, and if I don’t find a way to wear those clothes and feel good in them – I’m donating those too.

I don’t need to be “good enough” for a piece of fabric, and neither do you.

P.S. I love you and you’re radiant. <3


UPDATE: June 30th – out of 18 probation items, 16 have now been donated: