Intro to the Camp

Meet the residents.

Where do I begin! We’ve been waiting to start this blog for so long, that it seems like there are thousands of stories we have for you already. From little observations about our chickens’ social lives to finding ground water with dowsing rods, from tricks to ‘hunting’ for wild asparagus to building stone walls in the ancient Dalmatian tradition… there’s so much we want to tell you!

For now, let’s set our foundations and do a proper introduction to the camp & its inhabitants. You’ve probably already read a little about us, but the Eco Camp is more about all the other members of our family. We have 17 chickens, 8 bunnies, a dog named Dimij (“Smoky”), and a cat named Cat (“Macko”).

A little about the camp

The Eco Camp is located in the mountains of Kastel Kambelovac – the air is clean, the land is lush, and the sunsets are always pink. Nestled between the mountains and the sea, this little chunk of paradise is currently being transformed into the vision created by our Eco Architect Hrvoje Bota & our Permaculturist Ivan Rako.

Along with providing various camping spots and building the obvious facilities, our vision also includes a pub / restaurant on the grounds, where people can socialize, grab a drink, eat homemade & homegrown food, and listen to live music.

Here’s the 3D model our architects put together of the outside of the bar:

So needless to say – we’re in for the whole nine yards. Solar panels, residential wind turbines, sustainable architecture, permacultural design, flora & fauna interacting with ease.

Learning with our community.

As we build it all, there will be so much we’ll be learning and we figured we might as well share that knowledge with the world. We’ll do it through hosting workshops & community events, but also through documenting our adventure on this blog. That way, if someone somewhere ends up with a chunk of land, they could follow in our footsteps & create their own little eco-getaway.

Photo cred: Johnson Wang

We’ve already had tree planting parties, learned to build raised planters, made olive oil from our own trees, planted vegetables, made cherry liqueur, and cleaned out the rainwater tank built into the house. There’s so much we have to say about each of those things, but we’ll post about it all as we go.

A glimpse into the future

For now, just flash forward with us for a moment – as we’ve told you, our aim is to provide an immersive eco-experience, so we grow back those roots to nature. Imagine ordering a breakfast at our camp-side restaurant, and being able to get your own eggs from under a chicken. Imagine ordering a salad, and picking your own vegetables for it. Imagine wanting a smoothie and being able to not only pick your own fruits off a tree, but also generating the electricity for blending it by pedaling on a bike.

Our hope is that this will disrupt the careless, ‘easy come easy go’ mentality of purchasing everything wrapped in plastic. Once you’ve seen how much time, energy & effort it takes for your food to really get to you, it’s that much harder to be wasteful.

Photo cred & more info: @ThePlaidZebra

For now, this covers the basics – don’t let me rant. We’ll take on this massive endeavor one day & one post at a time, so keep an eye out for updates on the blog. We’ll be zooming in on one aspect of our development at a time, meanwhile, if you have any thoughts or ideas you’d like to add, you’re welcome to either leave them in the comments or share them with us any other way.

Much love & until soon!